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Hands on Geography

Maggie Hogan
Price: $15.00 (USD)
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"Take a new look! This long-time favorite introduction to geography has gone through massive revision. New look and layout and loads more ideas and activities make this a book worth getting excited about! Enough ideas and projects in this source book to last a family several years! Written from a Christian perspective, Hands-On Geography will get you excited about teaching an oft-forgotten subject. Includes specific instructions for many activities, games, and projects designed to be appealing to kids and easy for parents. An easy, yet thorough, introduction to a very important subject."
Grades K-5

— Bright Ideas Press

Out of Stock | Buy from Bright Ideas Press

Additional book information:
Published: 2001
Pages: 112
Dimensions: 11" x 8 ½" (28cm x 21.6cm)
Cover: Soft cover/Paperback
Publisher: Bright Ideas Press
Author: Maggie Hogan

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