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Movie Study Guides

Movies As Literature Downloadable Lessons (PDF format)

Each lesson comes with both the student and teacher portions of the text, as well as all of the Getting Started instructions. Download instructions will appear once your order is placed, and the password to open your eBook will be emailed after your purchase is processed. We ask that you abide by our copyright policy and only print copies for your family's personal use. There are no refunds for eBooks. eBooks require Adobe Reader.

These Study Guides are currently included in Movies As Literature

Movies As Literature Lesson: Arsenic & Old Lace
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Movies As Literature Lesson: E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial
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Movies As Literature Lesson: To Kill A Mockingbird
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Design-A-Study offers a money-back guarantee for books returned in resalable condition within thirty (30) days. Audiocassettes are not returnable, but may be exchanged if defective. Please note: when shipping is free due to a special offer, postage is deducted from the price of returned items before the refund is issued.