Social Studies

Social studies or history is the study of civilizations.  Kathryn Stout has designed her history guide to allow you, the teacher, to explore the entire history of man in the way that best suits and interests you.  Check out Guides to History Plus as well as an example unit study, The Maya.  Both are available for purchase.

Social studies objectives—American and world history, geography, government, and economics—are incorporated into an easy-to-use question guide for the study of any period or culture in grades K-12. This section can also be easily used as a working outline for independent study. Activity ideas follow, incorporating objectives in other subjects for those interested in using a unit study approach to history. Also included: teaching tips, instructions for making timelines, lists of map skills, reproducible blank maps, definitions of geographic terms, questions to provide practice in analysis for high school students; lists of literature, games, and movies on video arranged by period with topics for study, and a checklist of objectives for reference in making high school transcripts. Placed third in Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards, unit study category.

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Print Edition:  $20.00 $10.00 (USD) 

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A complete unit study on this advanced, ancient, American civilization.  Since the information and specific activity ideas follow the outline in Guides to History Plus, this unit can serve as a model for making your own historical study.

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eBook Edition (PDF): $7.00 (USD)