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Teaching Resources (Workshop Tapes)

Please use the Flash audio sampler below to listen to audio clips from all fourteen of Kathryn Stout's current workshop tapes. (If you do not have Flash player or need to update visit www.macromedia.com/go/getflashplayer).

All workshop tapes are $5.00 (USD). Click a title to add it to your cart.
Audiocassettes are not returnable, but may be exchanged if defective. MP3 are non-refundable.

A Chronological Unit Approach to History
Save planning time while helping kids develop a greater understanding of the people and events being studied. Geography and science will make more sense too.
45 minutes | Add to Cart

Classic Movies As Literature
Are your teens able to analyze literature? Can they articulate why they like or don't like a movie? If not, they may find themselves accepting a jumble of philosophies without really thinking. Stories entertain, but they also teach. This workshop shows you how to develop your childrens' ability to critique movies. Teens will not only be better protected from absorbing wrong influences, but will be better able to analyze any literature. This workshop includes a discussion of story elements and film techniques, as well as questions to ask after watching movies with students ages 13-18.
60 minutes | Add to Cart

Developing Attitudes & Habits: What's Important and When « DOWNLOADABLE MP3 ONLY »
There's a best time for developing attitudes and habits that affect not only your child's character, but his ability to learn beyond high school. Here are specific goals, an explanation of their importance, teaching strategies to reach those objectives, and techniques to replace any bad habits with good ones.
60 minutes | Add to Cart 17.4 MB MP3

Homeschooling the Challenging Child
Kathryn describes methods for effectively teaching children that seem to require a great deal of one-on-one attention. Tips include suggestions for balancing your time so that your other children are not neglected.
60 minutes | Add to Cart

Math That Makes Sense « DOWNLOADABLE MP3 ONLY »
Tips for teaching math concepts to grades K-8 in a way that promotes "math sense" through discovery and reasoning. There are numerous examples to help you put the principles into practice.
45 minutes | Add to Cart 16.1 MB MP3

Science That Sticks
Everyone loves to "do" science—but do the concepts "stick?" Kathryn explains how to teach science to children of all ages with a minimum of planning, using a variety of fun and interesting materials, and with the assurance that basic concepts and skills will be understood and retained.
60 minutes | Add to Cart

Strategies for Teaching and Learning Spelling
Give your children (or yourself!) the tools needed to learn and retain correct spelling. Kathryn shares simple techniques that anyone can use from her award-winning book, Natural Speller. These are not attempts at photographic memory, but strategies that allow children to become confident in their ability to learn.
45 minutes | Add to Cart

Teaching Kids to Think
Kids need to be taught how to think, not just what to think. By approaching reading comprehension and composition in a way that stresses analysis and support of opinions, students learn to apply reasoning to all that they read, write and hear.
60 minutes | Add to Cart

Teaching Teenagers to Think Critically
Arm your teens with protection from worldly propaganda. Here are teaching strategies easily incorporated into basic subjects to build skills in analyzing what is read, watched, and heard.
60 minutes | Add to Cart

Teaching Tips That Really Work
Here are Ideas for teaching all children—gifted to struggling. Replace boredom or frustration with a love of learning. Overcome the "I can't/I won't" syndrome.
60 minutes | Add to Cart

Strategies & Resources for Teaching Children with Special Needs « DOWNLOADABLE MP3 ONLY »
Description coming soon. This title was added to the site as soon as possible.
60 minutes | Add to Cart 17.2 MB MP3

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