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Consulting Services

Does your child’s education have you feeling overwhelmed?

Would you like personal guidance from an educator?

Do you need input from someone with expertise in special education?

One-on-one long distance or face-to-face consultations are available.

Kathryn Stout’s teaching and consulting experience includes both regular and special needs education for kids of all ages.  She works with homeschooling families as well as with parents concerned about their children’s public or private school experiences.

Consultations may include:

Samples of work or copies of speech evaluations, psychological testing, standardized test results, or any other written information that would prove helpful can be brought to meetings or sent by fax, email, or “snail mail.”

Phone 1-800-965-2719 or email Kathryn@designastudy.com to arrange a date and time to meet in person or by phone. 

Payment:  $35.00 per hour to be paid after the meeting.  Payment can be made by credit card, check, money order, or cash.

Face-to-face meetings are held at 408 Victoria Avenue, Wilmington, Delaware 19804.

B.S.Ed., University of Delaware,1972
M.Ed., University of Delaware, 1976
Expertise: Special Education
8 Years Public School Experience
Federally Funded Interventionist
14 Years Homeschooling Experience
12 Years Tutoring & Consultation Experience
Homeschooling Author Since 1988

Customer Quotes

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