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About the Designer

Bart Fennemore

BartFennemore.comBart Fennemore is the son-in-law to Kathryn Stout, the author of the Design-A-Study guides. He always had an interest in web design but really didn't get a chance to create a commercial website until he started dating, and later married, Kathryn's daughter Clea. His tasks started small but have since blossomed.

At the start of his web designing hobby he acted as a day-to-day web maintainance man, changing links, putting up new pictures in place of others, and add simple newsletter/column pages. It wasn't until the late spring/early summer of 2003 that Bart really sunk his teeth into web design when he re-tooled our design and began to fully replace features that had lost functionality over the years. (The shopping cart, newsletter subscription service, and the service by which newsletters are e-mailed have all been overhauled).

Design-A-Study now bears Bart's third web design for our company. We think he might be fully satisfied now with the "look and feel" of the site, but is open to any suggestions you may have to improve your experience while on www.designastudy.com. (E-mail him at webmaster [at] designastudy.com)

Check out some of Bart's design work below (note: updates are made when requested by the site or space owner):

If you need a web designer for your business, organization, or personal site then contact Bart through his web site, www.bartfennemore.com

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Design-A-Study offers a money-back guarantee for books returned in resalable condition within thirty (30) days. Audiocassettes are not returnable, but may be exchanged if defective. Please note: when shipping is free due to a special offer, postage is deducted from the price of returned items before the refund is issued.