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Please, read all of the below questions and answers prior to clicking the join link at the bottom of the page.

How much is my commission?

As an affiliate, any link back to www.designastudy.com can have your affiliate code embedded in the link (click here to find out how to make links containing your affiliate code).

You will receive 10% of the order amount (excluding postage) that results from a buyer using your links. The more promotion you do, the more orders are likely to result, and the higher your percentage!

When will I receive my commission?

Commissions for a one month cycle will be paid at the end of the following month. (For example, June’s commissions will be paid at the end of July.) Commissions will be paid only on orders that are not returned within the 30-day, money-back period.

Will receive a commission on orders I place?

You will not receive a commission for your own orders. If you have a homeschool party (see ideas below) and are ordering multiple copies of books for others you will receive your commission.

How will my commission be paid?

We require a PayPal account be used to receive commissions.

How can I promote Design-A-Study and earn more commissions?

  1. Include your affiliate link to www.designastudy.com

    • in your e-mail signature.
    • in any of your message board signatures, where allowable. (If used in message board signature please use something like “Proud Design-A-Study customer” or “Home schooling with Design-A-Study” with your link in the DAS name)
    • on your personal web site or blog (text ads and banner ads)
    • in any writings you produce. Write reviews of the Design-A-Study guides (post them on your blog, in your local homeschooling newsletter, or a PR submission through www.prweb.com)
    • in Pay-Per-Click (PPC) programs like Google Adwords, Yahoo's Overture, and others.

    A little investment may reap a great reward.

  2. Kathryn's Teaching Helps columns are available for redistribution. Only one column may be reproduced per publication without written permission. (Publication in a book is by written permission only.) The column must include her name as author, "by Kathryn Stout, B.S.Ed., M.Ed." and www.designastudy.com as the original source. The following tag line should be used: "For more Teaching Help columns or to learn about other materials by Kathryn Stout, please visit www.designastudy.com."

  3. Try a Homeschool Resources party. People have parties for all sorts of products--Tupperware, baskets, toys, make-up, and so on. Why not get some friends together to look over homeschool products? Then place your affiliate order online using one of your links, or by phone or fax at 1-800-965-2719. Remember to mention your affiliate number.

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Design-A-Study offers a money-back guarantee for books returned in resalable condition within thirty (30) days. Audiocassettes are not returnable, but may be exchanged if defective. Please note: when shipping is free due to a special offer, postage is deducted from the price of returned items before the refund is issued.