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This page has moved to a https://www.designastudy.com/terms/. Please, update your links.

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Building Affiliates Links

There are really only two ways to build affiliate links, (1) login as an affiliate at Mal's e-Commerce mTracker and click Get HTML or (2) create your own using the methods shown below.

Building Your Own Links

Building your own links does take some basic knowledge of HTML in order to properly implement links containing your own affiliate code. Be warned, Design-A-Study assumes no responsibility for loss of commission due to improperly implemented affiliate links. Take care to ensure that your links have been correctly formatted (correctly writing the designastudy.com web address)

A sample affiliate link:

  1. This web address directs your affiliate link through our e-commerce solution, Mal's e-Commerce. This address will not change for any of the links you may create. The question mark is a required transition in the link code.

  2. This portion points your link to the desired Design-A-Study web site location. The above link points to the site index page (as known as the home page, front page, or welcome page), but can be altered to point at a column, product, or other page you would like visitors to view first. Here's how to make those changes:

    • All other pages on the web site require forward slashes (/) in their addresses to move to different folders containing the desired page. Because your affiliate links are a web address (www.designastudy.com) within a web address (ww7.aitsafe.com) the forward slash must be written in code. Instead of simply putting another forward slash you must type %2F. Again, forward slash (/) = %2F
      • Example: http://ww7.aitsafe.com/go.htm?go=www.designastudy.com%2Fteaching%20Ftips-1198.html&afid=#####&tm=30 is the correct path to our most popular Teaching Help column.
    • Pick the page you want to make an affiliate link to by looking at its address in your browser address bar. Put on part #1, alter part #2 (type "go=" followed by the web address without "http://" and change all forward slashes to "%2F"), and finally add part #3.
    • Web links are case sensitive so be mindful that everything is entered in properly and that any programs you may be using have not changed your links.

  3. This portion of the code is your affiliate identication number (afid). This is part of the code that makes sure you get paid for any referrals that become customers. The amperstand (&) must be included as part of the coding method. "&tm=30" should follow immediately after your "afid." Please, follow these instructions.

Images for Affiliate Usage

Please, use the images that can be found on mTracker upon logging in and clicking Get HTML. More images to come. Simply right mouse click and save to your computer if you are making your own links. This should make it easier on you.


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Design-A-Study offers a money-back guarantee for books returned in resalable condition within thirty (30) days. Audiocassettes are not returnable, but may be exchanged if defective. Please note: when shipping is free due to a special offer, postage is deducted from the price of returned items before the refund is issued.