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This page has moved to a https://www.designastudy.com/resources/teaching-help/. Please, update your links.

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Teaching Help Columns

Teaching Help is Kathryn Stout's monthly teaching tips column. Kathryn says, "I hope these tips will prove helpful. I plan to have a new column each month, so if there are specific topics you would like me to discuss, send your requests to my e-mail address: kathryn@designastudy.com." You can Subscribe to have Teaching Help e-mailed to you each month. You can also have back issues sent to you via e-mail by selecting the "E-mail to yourself" option.*

The Design-A-Study Teaching Help Column (Teaching Tips Newsletter) index has been divided into 4 indices, by three year increments, to reduce file size and better organize existing columns for visual appeal. Please, choose an index from below, use the search function to find a column on a topic of your choosing, or select the recommend column found below.

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