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What's in a Game?

Kathryn L. Stout, B.S.Ed., M.Ed.
Published: September 1999
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While students require practice in order to master any skill, that practice does not have to be tedious. By incorporating games into your lesson plans, kids have a chance to improve skills and have fun-which fosters a love of learning.

Reading and math readiness skills can be practiced by children ages 3-7 with the following games by Milton Bradley:

Build vocabulary and/or grammar skills with the following games for ages 8-adult:

To encourage deductive reasoning-an objective in both math and reading comprehension-try any or all of the following:

Math games by Parker Brothers:

Most of these games are inexpensive and available at toy stores. Check yard sales and Goodwill-type stores for less-expensive, used sets. They not only help your children build important educational skills, but provide an opportunity for fun as a family.

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